Smart Material & Design Lab.

Department of Mechanical, Robotics and Energy Engineering, Dongguk University


Welcome to Smart Material & Design Lab at Dongguk University

SMDLab takes considerable pride in its status in Dongguk University of century-long history, located at Seoul Campus, Korea. SMDLab as an essential part in Mechanical Engineering, plays a vital important role in the development of Engineering in Dongguk University. Although SMDLab was founded a few years ago, it can provide you with best facilities and experienced professors and students for your research and study in Dongguk University. We highly recommend you join SMDLab and fulfill your research and career goals. If you are interested in SMDLab or you have any questions about SMDLab, please feel free to contact us.

Experience in SMDLab

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SMDLab (WonHeungKwan E148), Dongguk University, 30 Pil-dong 1 Gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, 04620, Korea